Mobile Bend Real Estate Search

Search for Bend homes from your phone!

My new mobile Bend real estate search is up at  Check it out from your smart phone.  The mobile site features all the search functions of my regular site, plus can use your built in GPS to find homes in your immediate area.  This is an awesome feature for someone that is looking for a home in the Bend area.

Now, if you’re driving around and see a home for sale, you can easily find it and all of the homes in the immediate area. All the information is displayed in a view that was made for your smart phone.  No more zooming in and out…

Mobile Bend real estate search

A mobile version of my Bend home search


Search for Bend homes for sale

Search Functions


The search features all Active listings from the Central Oregon MLS.

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  1. Oh! Is this really true! This exclusive mobile site feature with built in GPS, really makes Bend real estate search much easier, least time consuming and more authentic. Besides, the information is displayed in a user friendly manner.

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